Richard Bucker

As a technology survivalist - My career path has taken me through the implementation of many different system layers; including firmware, TSRs, device drivers, Operating Systems, desktop apps, webapps, daemons, database, sysadmin, disaster recovery, and various other systems and services; giving me full stack awareness. While I have excelled as a programmer architect I always focus on the pragmatic as well as the business and customer side effects.

I have worked on, or for, many brand name projects - SurePay, Klarna/Kreditor, BigB, PayDay loans, Nutrio, Snap Gear, Universal Command Center, Documentum, DocumentMall, BillPay, WildCard, ValueLink, Hospitality Plus, OS/2, Workplace OS, AIX, Artic CoProcessor, IBM single board computers for MSD, Transec Systems, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, FSA/HSA, medical eligibility, Shell Oil, BlockBuster, RBSLynk, Global, First Data Resources, Commonwealth, and others.

In addition to being a skilled programmer, system architect and devops guru I have also managed teams - Project management, scheduling, estimation and resource allocation, team building, delegation, interview new hires, performance reviews, training and VC presentations, status reports, and dreadful layoffs.

Deliverables have been shrink wrapped and service oriented in various vertical markets - hardware manufacturing, health care and software generated meal planning, hospitality, maintenance, inventory, VOIP and VOIP arbitrage, prepaid & giftcard issuing and other specialty systems, document management, bill pay, centralized network hardware management, full stack POS including acquirer gateway, due diligence, source code audit and PCI-DSS audit. Recent projects into VOIP-CRM integration with a custom softphone and VPN solution; enterprise scale financial reporting system.


(1995 – current)
One Off Code LLC / Problem Finder
Netcentrix - System Architect / Programmer
Ultimate Software - Programmer

One Off Code LLC - System Architect / Programmer, Owner
Florida Freelance IT - System Architect / Programmer, Owner
Insight Cards - Director of Platform Development
MetaVentures - System Architect / Programmer
eDiets - Senior Programmer III
Secure Computing - Senior Programmer
Ricoh Corporation - Engineering Manager / Programmer
Premier Global - Senior Programmer
WildCard Systems Software - Development Manager / Programmer
First Data Corporation - Team Lead
Misc Contract Programmer, Full-time & Part-time


Florida Atlantic University; Boca Raton, Florida
Bachelor of Computer Science; College of Engineering, 1991;

NaBanco President’s award – 1994
SleepyCat innovation award acknowledgment (2003, 2005)

Ultimate Software Recognized for contribution (2014)

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