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I have been working on my resume lately and there are about as many different formats and general approaches. For the time being I’m going with a better narrative and a list of employers. But then I got to thinking about the specific projects I’ve worked on and why it won’t fit on one page. So here is a list, even if it’s just for myself:

One Off Code LLC; Problem Finder

  • enterprise scale financial reporting system with embedded DSL
  • Cross platform combined headless softphone CRM system 

Netcentrix; Senior Dev | DevOps | DevArch | SRE 5/2015-current
  • POS hardware and OS refresh
  • payment gateway refresh w/EMV and acquirer certification
  • support all aspects of the operation
  • technology research
  • golang IDE
  • reporting system automation (over 700+ recurring and adhoc reports based on a DSL design)
  • callcenter voice recording artifact
  • container and emerging systems architecture
Ultimate Software; Programmer DevOps 8/2012-5/2015
  • Architectural Presentations or concept:
    • (1) Zero downtime deploy
    • (2) Effective dating code
    • (3) UTM framework concept (6000tps)
    • (4) Implementation review of CTE and Build console. 
    • (5) Google's GoLang as a bridge between Windows and Linux. 
    • (6) internal analytics framework for MDD (monitor driven deployment)
    • (7) Yubi-HSM evaluation
    • (8) Docker + CoreOS lunch and learn
  • Major Platform Initiatives:
    • (A) DTE/CTE Console - adhoc CI/CD platform for test, dev, DR; for vCloud 1.5 - 5.5.1
    • (B) Multidomain Build Console
    • (C) Audit Juniper vGW devices
    • (D) Security Driven Development (SDD)
    • (F) DevOps for the V14+ pipeline
    • (G) Deployment engineering supporting UCloud
  • Projects
    • (i) Integration between SalesForce and EverBridge
    • (ii) Internal SQL Server ETL
    • (iii) Intern and Full-time candidate evaluation
    • (iv) Embedded Android Application debugging
    • (v) custom TeamCity radiator with OpenStack integration
    • (vi) TeamCity CI radiator
  • Lunch and Learn
    • June 19 - configuration as code; Go at Ultimate Software
    • July 19 - CoreOS, Rocket and Docker
One Off Code LLC; System Architect / Programmer, Owner 6/2014-
  • Redesign payment gateway for TCMP and EVM
  • Upgrade POS hardware and OS
  • NixOS evaluation as next POS platform
  • CoreOS evaluation (fleet, etcd, flannel etc)
  • Docker evaluation for micro service design, resource utilization, base image evaluation
  • container density
  • unikernel research and evaluation
  • Secure magstripe collection in web page proof of concept
  • Public legal data aggregation
  • "configuration as code" in go, tcl, lua and lisp
  • "webdriver automation" in go, tcl, lua and lisp
  • "flow based programming" in go, tcl, lua and lisp
  • March 19 - presentation at Go-Miami; Configuration as Code
Florida Freelance IT LLC; System Architect / Programmer, Owner 1/2009-6/2014
  • POS registration, deployment, upgrade orchestration
  • CoreOS/Docker installation for CI/CD/HA
  • Android POS implementation (proposed)
  • Blockly to Golang (proposed)
  • Flow Based Programming framework design thru implementation of proof of concept - integrating with Blockly.
  • Finite State Machine Driven Development (FDD) - concept thru implementation
  • Media transcoding architecture review and remediation
  • China Union Pay – issuer integration
  • POS – PinPad integration
  • Big data reporting, audit, reconciliation and billing system for a VOIP arbitrage system
  • devops for VOIP system (resource planning and production monitoring)
  • PCI-DSS audit
  • Implement new features (bill payment internals)
  • Online merchant implementation
  • Merchant acquiring system from scratch
  • Personel allocation for outsourced merchant restocking
  • Social media spider for FaceBook and LinkedIn
  • Local Lis Pendens search tools
  • 24×7 operations support
Insight Cards Director of Platform Development 6/2010-8/2010
  • Query optimization and report validation
  • DB schema normalization
  • managed internal and external resources
  • met with VC, executives and clients
MetaVentures System Architect / Programmer 1/2008-6/2009
  • implement new features
  • designed and implemented a POS from scratch
  • designed and implemented an HSM (encryption) from scratch
  • designed and implemented a merchant acquiring system from scratch
  • 24×7 operations support
eDiets Senior Programmer III 2007-1/2008
  • implemented bug fixes
  • implemented client customizations
  • assisted in the ATG conversion
Secure Computing Senior Programmer 2005-2007
  • designed and implemented custom TCL code for SnapGear firewall
  • integrated SnapGear hardware into universal command center tool
Ricoh Corporation Engineering Manager / Programmer 2005
  • managed the QA, Dev, Operations and support teams
  • designed PaaS system upgrade for increased volume
  • designed Desktop application and delivery system
  • SQL performance tuning and optimization
  • presentations to management team and regional superiors
  • presentation at sales meetings
Premier Global Senior Programmer 2004-2005
  • designed and implemented a reporting sub-system
  • rebuilt the build system
  • bug fixes and new feature implementations
WildCard Systems Software Development Manager / Programmer 1998-2004
  • designed and implemented a general purpose authorization system
  • certified with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • designed and implemented 2 SQL Server replication applications
  • designed and implemented association settlement system (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • designed and implement a reporting script language for special purpose reporting system.
  • 24×7 operations support
  • DBA and SysAdmin
  • visited with clients for customization or integration
First Data Corporation Team Lead 1995-1998
  • Communications TSR for hospitality system
  • designed and implemented a GiftCard authorization system
  • designed and implemented a plastics manufacturing system
  • designed 2 and implemented 1 help desk application
  • designed proprietary changes to the GiftCard magstripe so that the POS did not have to change
  • designed and implemented a “sparse” card manufacturing process
  • worked with sales to prioritize work
  • visited with clients for customization or integration
  • 24×7 operations support
  • DBA and SysAdmin
  • Supported NCR debit system
Misc Contract Programmer, Full-time & Part-time 1983-1994
  • debugged OS/2 video device drivers. Both local and remote applications
  • trained the level 1 and other level 2.5 support teams
  • developed and trained others on strategies for converting OS/2 Presentation Manager (GUI) from 16-bit to 32-bit
  • architected a replacement for the 16-bit thinking layer (dives the entire window architecture)
  • converted 2.5M lines of code including 500K lines of assembly from 16-bit to 32-bit
  • kernel level debugging in order to verify operation
  • I certified a desktop app as CUA compliant
  • designed and implemented a special purpose scripting language for testing special purpose computers
  • built a suite of regression tests for release verification of firmware
  • built a hardware and software solution for simulating signal input for the special purpose computer
  • built second generation of hardware for use in the manufacturing process for FVT(function verification testing)
  • implemented a simulation of the special purpose computer (in assembly language) for testing the desktop app
  • implemented BIOS and POST (power on self test) for the artic coprocessor
  • implemented HDD and Tape device driver for OS/2
  • provided on-site Object-Oriented training
  • developed training materials for Object-Oriented training class
  • implemented and supported commercial copy protection removal
  • file manager for DOS with 256 byte filename support
  • operating room scheduling system
  • vehicle preventative maintenance system
  • produce warehouse inventory tracking system
  • custom MailMerge application for WordStar

I’m pretty sure this is everything.


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