Friday, November 1, 2019

Software versions I track

There are a number of projects I track for version control....

  • docker-machine (here)
  • RancherOS (here) - I also monitor the engine, console and os but rely on RancherOS
  • Fossil-scm (here) - I'm still tracking but I have yet to move this forward
  • gitlab-ce - I have to check the internal links from time to time and update about once a week
  • golang (here) - I used to care but now that I have a CI/CD pipeline I don't care as much. Also the authors keep the releases clean enough but that could change any day. (see generics)
  • PhotonOS (here) - It's in it's 3rd rev but there is more to come. vmWare is said to be changing the host OS to be PhotonOS. One thing I like is the boot time and the security. I partly means I need to know a little more but I'm watching to make sure it stays clean.
  • vSphere ESXi - currently 6.7 but the patching system can get wonky. It's worse when the update does not fit in /tmp.
  • alpinelinux (here and here
  • traefik (here) - they are moving to version 2.x but it seems vastly different from my 1.x so I'm still watching.
  • haproxy (here) - not ready for 2.x.
  • wordpress - installed in a container so I just let it rip.
  • tcl and cousins - I really like picol and it seems to be a reasonable platform.
  • Various API - A number of cloud services but these move slowly.
And those that I do not care about:
  • ChromeOS - I just leave that to Google.
  • OSX, iOS - just do not care any more
  • Android - I used to want Android-9 but now I just do not care.
  • Skype - don't care
  • gmail - 
  • CoreOS - now acquired by Red Hat and IBM it has a good number of features but the mission is no longer congruent. Also the auto upgrades are great except they are always at a bad time even though scheduling is up to me.
  • k8s, k3s, rancher, rio, rke - kubernetes is not a thing yet. I think there are other choices that make more sense. Think right sizing.
  • SQL Server - as a service so I just do not care.
  • SQLite and Postgres - I used to care and in some modes I probably should. SQLite does a good job managing the file format and postgres would need some investigation.
  • Lua - maybe but the syntax and the golang version is overly complex. But there is a chance in the future as there are some script monkeys that like it.

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  1. Hi Richard. I'm the head of community at Containous, the backing company for Traefik. Would like to invite you to our upcoming Online Meetup about Traefik 2.0 next week: Also, this video repo may be useful to you: Thanks for using Traefik. -- Patricia


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