Monday, September 23, 2019

android on a feature phone

I do not know what they mean by feature phone but back in the day that might be considered something like the ubiquitous Nokia or Moto Razr oor flip. Between then and now there were some models like the Sony Xperia slide phone... just a basic phone that had some additional user input but nothing that looked like a modern day tablet or laptop in a smaller form.

I'm not a fan of the verge but they are running an article talking about a leaked photo of Android running on a feature phone... only to say that google was removing the code. (when leaked does not mean the same thing any more)

But here's the thing... I only need my phone for a few basic things. Phone, Music, Text, Email, basic web, maps. I do not collect apps or play games. When I was working in Sweden the company I worked for did not offer developers desk phones. They gave us simple cell phones. All I needed was a dial tone and a map to get around the unfamiliar city.

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