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delete the bookmarks

I have a long list of bookmarks for hiking gear. The thing is I have more than everything I need and Frankly the Amazon and Walmart challenges are good enough. I suppose if I were actually going to do a thru hike I'd invest in some UL and SUL gear but in the meantime these links and all the time I spend reviewing gear seems to be a waste of time and money...

Time to say bye bye

more alternatives

In no particular order let's try to keep things simple.

AppScale is an open source version of Google's AppEngine. While I like the opensource view of this platform there are many advantages to deploying on the google version. First of all I'm just not sure which direction the development went. Was AppScale first or AppEngine. Then there are all the tools, consoles, dashboards, and integrated services... but you're going to pay for that. Granted scale is everything but there is something to be said about the development environment, designs, and the discipline it invokes. (incomplete because there are shards of for profit and platform lock-in)

Bitnami - this platform has been around a long time. I remember the ole days when it was the poor man's multi-tenant platform just prior to the domain landrush. The platform has grown to include many different types of packaging. What makes it ideal is that the platform is separate from the applications.
VMware is acquiring Bitn…

Hashicorp Packer; is it a waste of time and money?

I'm lazy. There, I've said it. It's that laziness that prevents me from creating "things" with layers of complexity and simplicity. I simply want to GST (get sh*t done) in the fewest keystrokes, lines of code, and features. All those things are nice to have but in all honestly get some revenue first. Paying customers with feature requests is better than no customers burning through investment.
I recall in one environment we talked about HA replication and scaling to 10s-100s of servers. That was a nice exercise, however, we always said "transaction volume would be a different class of problem to solve". Sadly it never happened and we never grew past a single deployment and all of that DB and security replication cost money to develop and test... and worse support in production. And those features never generated a single extra dollar in revenue. So what does Packer get you? Frankly I'm not sure. They support a number of different targets but all of …