Thursday, February 14, 2019

STS Hammock Tarp

The Sea To Summit - 5 sided hammock tarp has an 11' ridgeline. The shape of the tarp provides maximum wind protection from one direction(two corners) and reasonable general protection from the other(single corner). The angle and the shape of the hammock are complemented.

Living in Florida and spending my hiking days on the Florida Trail there are places where there are no trees or no safe trees so ground camping is the only option.
One nice thing about hammocks in the swamps is that you can get out of the water if you can find a pair of trees.
And then there are those camps where there are no trees. So try this:

There is plenty of space under the tarp; room for 1-3 to sleep.

There are different configurations similar to a flying diamond or even staking multiple corners. You can even use a treking pole as a center pole for some extra room.

Compare to a 9'x9' tarp there are plenty of options. For the price, weight, materials and quality of manufacturing I think the STS is a better product.

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