Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Let there be light

I want to call these my EDC but I'm not sure. On the one hand having the USB rechargeable lights is handy. They have a number of useful features and lumens. 

Has 2 intensities; 550 lumens max but not clear how long it will last... it has a red and white low light with optional blinking. The clip is good for a ball cap and the luminescent case will give you a few minutes to find it in the dark once exposed to light. You can use it while charging so a longer cord might be useful.

The OLight, pictured above, uses a AAA battery and they can be found anywhere when doing long hikes.

My problem is not knowing when to recharge the rechargeable or when to replace the AAA. A 45 minute quick charge is appreciated but I would not want to plug it in before bed risking a lithium fire.

PS: I've thought about bluetooth headphones but have decided that's not a good idea for many reasons and batteries is only one.

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