Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Car buying season begins - short

The lease on both cars is about 4 months away and so the search continues... Yesterday we drove a Maxda CX-9.  Mazda was on my list of cars to test and now that I have put some real miles on the car I'm taking it off depending on how the others compare just on my experience.

  • car handles nice
  • the CX-9 has a 3rd row seating but only for the smallest people
  • the console was OK but kinda confusing for a first time user. NAV was useless
  • not that I'm a smoker but the lighter socket is good for IQ power and the included 2 port usb was trickle slow to charge our phones.
  • the worst was the sound insulation... I heard everything that came off the tires
  • the front seats were very fighter jet like
CX-9 is just not a car I would be comfortable with.

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