Monday, November 5, 2018

Mr Fatty-Pants in a bivy

All this talk about the best shelter system is making me yawn. So I tried both a my Jungle Bag and my Velar Bivy on the living room floor only to confirm that even though I've lost 20-plus pounds in the last 6 weeks I'm still Mr Fatty-Pants. (sorry no pictures) LOL

So while hammock and tent sleeping are still practical the Paria 1P bivy is also handy. What makes the 2Go and SP uncomfortable is that finding the right position so that I can zip up takes time and effort. By the time I got it completed I was sweating and that does not make for a good night's sleep in Florida.

With a nice breeze and a blanket, optional foam pad, a hammock makes for a comfortable shelter. Having the Paria bivy means sleeping on the ground is also possible if there are no trees. I like the options because there are simply times when one or the other just does not work. So sharing components makes better sense.

My system for now:

  • tarp - the size depends. I think I can get away with a seamless 5x9.
  • Paria bivy
  • hammock with long straps
  • cordage, poles and stakes
  • blanket, foam insulation and pillow
  • bugnet or bug sock
One system I want to try:
  • tarp, poles, cordage
  • groundsheet
  • bugnet
  • blanket, pillow, some kindof mattress

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