Thursday, November 29, 2018

Google FI

The project has been renamed from "project fi" to "google fi". If you think that's boring, it is. What is interesting is all the other stuff.

  • I have a, grand-fathered, free G-Suite domain and I was able to enable the service
  • My unlocked Moto G5plus is supported
  • My Wife's iPhone is also supported although I might need to unlock it
  • Combined pricing is cheaper than our ATT family plan, and by $50 a month if we use everything
I'm always conscience about whether my wifi is on or not. On the one hand giving my browser history to the cell carrier versus the local hotspot is always troubling. The idea of a 3rd party VPN is also a pain and sort of a FAIL in itself specially when they are not carrier level players.

What have I learned:
  • now I will not care if wifi is on or not.
  • I will not care if my kids tether movies or games
  • I will still have bandwidth leftover for work
Now the next question:

Is it time to buy the kids their own phone? I do not have an answer for that yet, however, even though they are 7 & 8 I am asking the question because we are talking about buying them Apple Touch but since they are so expensive why not a phone?

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