Friday, November 2, 2018

camp stoves

I've watched a few "firebox" videos today and searched the Toaks Combo Set as well and I'm having camp stove envy. I currently own two Solo Stoves; one like and one titan. But I've NEVER used them in the field. I also have 3 different alcohol stoves and one isobutane stove.

But what is it about the Firebox that makes me want to buy it? Is it the compact nature of it? The flexibility? Features? I dunno.

A recent video showed the Firebox having a warming tray. I'm not sure what the value is there... you cook and you eat. So warm what?

Finally, when I camp overnight or even 2 night... I eat cold except for a coffee from time to time. So frankly why bother with the stove?

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