Friday, November 2, 2018

air mattress

I've seen a number of hikers talk about closed cell mattresses compared to air mattresses. The weight is comparable but the volume is different so most use torso length close cell. Certainly air mattresses are more comfortable but when they malfunction you're sleeping on the ground. Also, depending on the entire sleep system some closed cell pads have a friction to them that grabs your clothes so then you need the sleeping bag on top. And depending on the covering it my be hard to clean or unstink.

Gossamer Gear hydrofobic in 1/4 and 1/8
 The Gossamer Gear pad is not easily cleaned but it is cheap, folds easily, cuts easily and is reasonably comfortable.  For the price buy two and experiment. With a GG pack it can be stored in the backrest for extra support and can be used as a sit pad until bed.
Klymit Static V Junior torso length
 I have a couple of dash backpacks. One has a hole. The idea of field repair and even repairing it at home sucks. I have several inflatable pads and if they crash I'm prepared to sleep on th ground but that sucks too.
Thermarest closed cell
On the one hand this pad is comfortable but it's slippery. And sometimes very slippery. It's better for ground camping but not really meant for hammock camping. It's manufacturing is so nice that I hate the idea of cutting it up to experiment. Seems like I should be committed to it before doing that. If sized correctly this pad will fit in a gossamer gear pack.

Where am I now? My preference is the torso length gossamer gear pad AND a torso length klymit like the static V jr or the inertia.

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