Friday, October 26, 2018

Versa Blanket

This past weekend I slept in both a hammock and a tent. The temp at 2am was about 77F both nights. The blanket is not quilted so the shell will stick to any moist skin and getting the right lay can be a challenge depending how awake you are.

By comparison the Sungpak weighs 100g more, however, it is quilted and feels more like a proper blanket. In retrospect the jungle bag is the same product with a zipper and a bugnet. If I had sprayed the hammock with permethrin either one would have been perfect.

The Snugpak gives me more options although I would have preferred a more visible color.

Lastly, my biggest complaint about both is that the stuff sacks are tight fitting. You'd think that the compression straps would make up for any extra room but they don't. It takes effort. In the meantime I don't use the stuff sack instead I use a pack liner.

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