Friday, October 26, 2018

Jupiterhikes - 6lbs on the PCT

Just another example where price meets going without but from the going without it's probably OK for a weekend:

  • pack
  • phone
  • external battery
  • USB cables
  • external charger
  • headphones
  • one trekking pole
  • handheld flashlight (AAA batt)
  • extra AAA battery
  • neck flashlight
  • watch
  • rain jacket
  • two pairs socks
  • sunglasses
  • food bag
  • toothbrush, toothpaste
  • tarp, cordage, stakes, beanie, gloves
  • puffer jacket
  • wind pants
  • quilt
  • sleeping pad, groundcloth
  • Advil
  • safety pin
  • two 1.5L Zephyr Hills water bottles
  • spoon
  • peanut butter jar (cold soak)
One interesting thing; Jupiter remarks that the food bag might not be completely odor-proof and there seems to be some concern when hiking solo. I'm not sure but it really sounded like fear.

Hiking in the Florida Everglades I would add a few things:
  • mechanical water filter with prefilter, purification tabs
  • compressed toilet paper
  • small knife with tweezers
  • hand sanitizer or soap and a bandanna
  • leukotape
  • bugnet and/or bivy depending on the weather (no quilt)
  • firekit include ignition, tinder, knife/saw (ax and saw are a different kit)
  • hammock shelter instead of ground if I know where I'm going
The firekit serves multiple goals. [1] creatures do not like fire so it's natural security [b] heat in case things are wet or dangerously cold [c] signal not meaningful depending on where you are [d] water purification again not meaningful for an overnight [e] something to do, light the camp area, keep the bugs away, and nature's TV. So for the investment of a SAK and lighter you're good to go... although some hiking books talk about hiking until you sleep.

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