Wednesday, October 31, 2018

how much is too much gear

Falling back on one of my themes about just in time manufacturing, lead times and the cost of custom gear I'm giving away gear to a local group because it'll be wasted otherwise.  These plastics are not going to last forever in the Florida heat. Just sitting in the garage they start to deteriorate. So I'm giving it away rather than cluttering the garage and making gear decisions before a hike.

That means if I have a failure I need to be able to order it and have it within a week.

It's a simple task but has consequences... the gear will probably be manufactured overseas, in bulk, and probably have some quality issues. Of course this is no guarantee that local sourcing will prevent that from happening or improve the numbers... But comparing the stitching on any of the custom work with Paria and it's no comparison at all.

My active inventory needs to be:

  • a 1P or 2P tent for when I know it's bad weather
  • a tarp and bivy for when it's just hot
  • a hammock for those fun trips where I know I have trees (not mastered yet)
  • a 4P tent for the kids
That's not an unreasonable amount of kit to have. But 3 or 4 of each is.  

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