Tuesday, October 9, 2018

3 Variety hamburger casserole

There are so many variations of the hamburger casserole out there but they all start like this:
  • White Castle burger casserole
  • White Castle bacon burger casserole
  • Bacon Burger casserole
  • Taco burger casserole
Start by optionally crisping some bacon (1 lb)

  • 3 lbs beef (70-30 preferred but 80-20 is OK)
  • optionally cook the bacon with the beef
  • optionally season with taco seasoning packet
  • optionally season with french onion soup mix
  • season salt, pepper, garlic, onion to taste
Optionally drain the fat... but if you are a real Keto person then you'll likely leave it in.

mix in
  • cheese (2-3 cups)
  • eggs (6-12) depending
  • optionally mix in the crisp bacon
For the White Castle variation you'll "mix in" Mayo(1 1/4 cup) (I use Avacado Mayo) and heavy whipping cream (1 cup).

Assemble in a buttered casserole dish and top with more cheese (1-2 cups).

Bake at 350F for about 30 minutes or the top is brown.

Since this is not a cake very little can and will go wrong. Keep in mind that bacon can be salty and so be careful when seasoning. Also you probably do not need all that salt anyway.

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