Saturday, September 22, 2018

rocket stove fail

Here is a set of action shots as I was experimenting with a rocket stove. My goal is to have 9 rocket stoves surrounding the main bonfire but I'm hoping for a descent flame. I drilled a 1 inch hole about 4-5 inches deep and then a 1 inch hole from the side. I poured some swissgel in the hole and ignited it.

I got a 3-4 inch initial flame but it really did not last.

I sispect that because I used a 1 inch bit the walls were smooth and just didn't have the volume to generate a real flame. The gel did not really help either because the gel suspended the heat away from the wood until it would ignite.

I even tried a puddle of fuel on some tinder in order to light the side of the log and it too failed. I even tried to dribbed get along the side and that went out too.

Eventually I opened the hole a little and things got just a little better.

 I tried another puddle of gel under the log but that was really slow.

I leaned some bark over the gel and it ignited but the log seemed to fail.

And then it seemed to ignite.

The gel seems to be a total fail. I need to try some other material like mulch.

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