Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Flack posted the question:
I am getting pretty sick of the little *******s. I am in Florida and they are a year-round problem--to the point of making hanging sometimes very unpleasant. I am moving towards a DIY hammock adn have been using a full enclosure net. The problem is where elbows, shoulders, back of hands etc rest against the hammock cloth and press outward against the net. Big mosquitoes have no real trouble getting through that. On a bad night you just lie there like Gulliver afraid to move one way or another. What I want to know is if anyone has any real experience with this and can say if silnylon will in fact block a mosquitoe's stinger? Maybe heavier than 1.1 oz? what is the collective wisdom on this?
This is also my experience and it sucks. There are two things one can do:

  1. spray the hammock, bugnet, tarp with permethrin
  2. while I like hammocks like the Dutchware Chameleon nothing beats a proper mosquito net that wraps 360 deg. I like the Dutchware sock but there are plenty of options
The same can be said for bivy bags and tarps.

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