Saturday, August 18, 2018

too hot and humid

Last night I thought I would try my setup. I was in the bivy(net tent) for 30 minutes before I had to give up. It was simply too hot and not having my gear with me meant I could not really get comfortable.

The configuration was in my backyard which is not very big but has hedges which limit any sort of breeze. I do not know what the DPI is, however, keep in mind that net tents do restrict airflow. The bivy is considered a wide bivy, however, its still kinda small and depending on my position I was touching one side or the other so I was going to get pit had there been bugs.

But there was a lot to learn:
  • Black tarps dry quickly even in the early morning, however, it get's hot... very hot
  • this is a 6' wide tarp so at 3' high I get good rain coverage... the rain in FL does not exclusively rain down... there is plenty of sideways rain.
  • If I had put the tarp at 4' then I might have received a better breeze but then I would have been a little more exposed.
  • wet from the rain or wet from sweat... which one? Wet gear?

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