Sunday, August 19, 2018

net tents where is the breaking point

Cost is still the same function it always was... materials + labor + marketing + profit = cost. Craftsmanship/warranty is a function of labor and materials. But there is something to be said for field repair by slapping some tape on it and placing an order with Amazon to replace it.
Let me emphasize that all gear is subject to damage in the field and part one is always being able to repair it such that you are not at risk. So now can you get a replacement in reasonable time so you can continue etc?
It bears repeating that flat or square tarps are easily replaced at any homes store; it might weigh a bit more. Therefore an amazon purchase would be reasonable. I recently ordered a flat tarp from Yama and they quoted me 9-12 weeks delivery. The only thing special about this tarp is it's guy outs and frankly that only makes me dependent on them.

So here are some bugnets that I like.

The bearpaw minimalist was my first net tent. It weighs about 9oz and has a 4in tub. The side zipper can make it a challenge to get in/out but I still need some practice. Also if the tarp is tight to the sides it's a real challenge.

I really like borah products, however, even the wide is kinda small. I'm not sure this is really a bivy or a net tent. If your skin is pressed to the side of this bivy and bugs/mosquitoes are present you are going to be food. I'm on contact with the support team to see if they will make a wider version.

The paria is available on amazon. The delivery time is said to be 2 days with prime. Watching the review video impressed me but that is what it is supposed to do.

Current wait times:

  • BearPaw - I think they are about 1 week to 10 days.
  • Borah - 5 weeks
  • Paria - 2 days
The weight:
  • BearPaw - 9oz
  • Borah - 6oz
  • Paria - 13oz
The cost:
  • BearPaw - $115 depending on customs
  • Borah - $72-$79 depending on material; many customer adjustments are free.
  • Paria - $59 but this is as-is.
Made in the USA

  • BearPaw - yes, as far as I know and everything is built to order
  • Borah - yes, as far as I know and everything is built to order
  • Paria - I have no idea. The company is HQd in Colorado.

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