Monday, August 20, 2018

black or blue

After the wind and rain tortured my bivy yesterday I deployed my least favorite tarp from Sea To Summit. In my mind it it too expensive although it's discounted to $99 on amazon. It's 5 point shape  intended for hammock camping but passable for ground sleeping since it it so large. I do like the workmanship and the materials.

not pictured there is plenty of room for my camping chair.

This setup is not tree to tree, but tree to ground stake. If I put too much tension on the ridgeline the stake will pull out and so I keep checking it to see what the wind, as little as there is, does not cause the tarp to break free.

Both tarps were wet in the morning but by 9am the black tarp was dry albeit scorching hot. And by 10am the blue was dry and warm, not hot. 

PS: the large escapist tarp is 10x10' and costs $192. And by comparison the Yama 8.5x8.5' costs $150. So you're essentially spending an extra $40 for what seems like prime but might be just free shipping. The difference might simply be that the yama is made to order and the sts is in inventory.

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