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upcoming trip shelter

My daughters and I go camping with our Indian Princess group (dads' and Daughters) several times a year. The camping we do is just slightly removed from glamping and in the next few weeks we are going to Disney's Fort Wilderness Primitive sites...  Normally I deploy a Kelty 4p tent for the 3 of us but this year they are likely to get the tent to themselves and I'll try bivy+tarp right next door. One of the things that is troublesome for me is that the temp is usually very warm until 1am and so it's hard for me to sleep. The tent, with the rainfly, captures a lot of heat. In fact the prevailing philosophy seems to be get a tent that is 2x the number of people. So this morning I popped up my BearPaw Wilderness Designs Lair as a benchmark.

It's wide open and so there should be plenty of ventilation. All I need to add is a bugnet or a bivy. One advantage is the "short" cordage and in-built line locks. One downside is that it really needs a pullout for a littl…