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The cost of stuff

I recently posited that the cost of being a remote IT person might be more expensive for the operator than the company and that there is a general transfer of expenses from the company to the operator... But now I'm thinking about tools...

Most knowledge professionals have....

- desktop
- laptop
- tablet
- phone

And if you are an Apply fanboy...

- desktop = $2500
- laptop = $1500
- tablet = $1000
- phone = $900

That's a huge junk of cash and the chances are that your employer or customer is also paying for cloud or hosted hardware somewhere. (VPS costs vary wildly.)

What's awesome is that if you shift to ChromeOS then first of all you get into a security zone where the company/client does not have to worry too much about hardware being stolen and the consequences of a lost laptop. Secondly there is the cost.

- desktop = $500
- laptop = $600
- tablet = $300
- phone = $300

Sure there is GSuite premium of $5/10/25 per user per month depending on the features you need but I th…