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Simple overnight setup

I'm planning a simple overnight hike somewhere in the 16 mile range in the Florida Everglades. And so what am I planning to take with me:

on your person

long sleeve sun shirt and long pants treated with permethrinunderwear and sockstrail runners with gatorshatMap, phone, camera, whistle, compass, knife
core kit

pack - 25L to 35L capacityshelter is either a 1P tent or a 1P tarp with bugnet, stakes, trekking poles or static poleponchositpad, mattress, pillow, sheet or bivy2 pounds (2500 calories) of food per day including electrolytes, bear bag, cordage4L capacity walking in with 2L and having drank 1L before starting (2.2lbs per liter)fire kitfirst aid kitcook kitclean kitwater processing kitwaterproof notebook and penciloptionally - for comfort coffee, tea, hot chocolateextra socks, underwear, long johns, sleepy socksschemog, microtowel, bandannahat, tooq, head bugnethand saw, hatchetpepper or bear spraykindle fire kit swiss army knifetinder - quick lite or dryer lintfero rod, sparker…