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sharpening stones

The first sharpening device I had was a rod that came with a cheap kitchen knife set I bought at the grocery. There were no instructions and my knives were never as sharp as when they were unboxed.

Later I bought some Pampered Chef knives with the integrated sharpening case. They were NEVER as sharp as the day I first used them. Now the blades are useless with missing chunks.

Recently I purchased:

  • smith's pocket sharpener
  • worksharp 4-in-1
  • morakniv sharpening thing
  • DC4 and a Nagura after watching Mitch
  • and then after practicing and forming my own opinion I bought a DMT system
  • and at the same time a CC4 and Worksharp honing rod
  • laskey puck
First of all technique:
  • pick your edge's angle depending on it's use. Camping 22.5 and kitchen 18 degrees
  • go slow
  • go slow and even pressure
  • pick a coarseness based on the current edge quality and sharpness
  • always hone and strop
  • if you're going to use your knife to eat then no chemicals
reviewing the tools...

The pocket sharpener was useless. The directions were clear but useless. The device would constantly grab the blade and there were some practical limits to what it would sharpen and how close my holding hand was to the blade. So it was not safe either.

The worksharp was fine but not great. While I was practicing with my DC4 the 4-in-1 was always my fallback and rescued multiple knives. Even as I was waiting for my CC4 and honing rod to arrive I would always use it's honing rod and strop. I have a few complaints trying to sharpen close to the handle or the thumb knob as they continue to hit the guides.

I tried the morakniv sharpener but never really made any progress. There were no directions and while I had tried to use it on different knives and my axes nothing ever worked out. I always seemed to make the knife more dull. Not what I expected from Mora.

Watching Mitch from one of those survival channels and the ALONE series I bought a DC4 and a Nagura. I was instructed to use spit and the Nagura to make a slurry. Well, Fallkniven says no water or oil. Use them dry. And then Mitch said to use the Nagura directly on the blade which contradicts almost everything else I've read and watched. 

The DMT system helped me recover a few blades. The process is pretty fast but there are limits to the thickness and length of the blade. While I learned a few things it might have been a useless purchase. I also think that the packaging could have been made more portable for field work instead of what looks like desktop.

The CC4 arrived and surprised me in that the grit was way over the top. While I still plan to use a honing rod there is something magical about a 150,000 grit stone. I've hit the sweet spot at the moment. While I have not tried the DMT manually I'm feeling the confidence to combine the kits.


  • smith's pocket sharpener (??)
  • worksharp 4-in-1 (??)
  • morakniv sharpening thing (??)
  • DC4 and a Nagura(6000)\
  • DMT system(325/600/1200/8000)
  • and at the same time a CC4(15,000/150,000) and Worksharp honing rod
  • laskey puck(??)
I still have not made my final decision but I have decided to take my time and use my down time to sharpen my tools.... very... slowly. Although the DC4, CC4 and honing rod are making me happy.


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