Monday, May 16, 2016

Before the 5 C's

In the book Bushcraft 101 the author talks about the 5 C's. Many other authors Bushcraft experts and survivalists expand on the 5 C's to almost no end. In a recent blog post from a fellow who is a 50 + leer camper and Outdoorsman he said the first thing to have is a positive mental attitude. And then he goes on to talk about the 5 C's. While I am not a survivalist or a Bushmaster and still seems to me that Common Sense suggests that went in the bush one needs to Reserve instead of preserve. For example you need to reserve some water you need to reserve some flint and steel of all of the things that you take with you into the bush when you exit if you have nothing left in your pack or your hands then so be it. Whether you carry a $20 knife or a $500 knife if you're a survivalist you should expect that when you leave the bush you may not come out with it.

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