Friday, April 22, 2016

day in a life

I thought it would be interesting to make a day in a life video. Partly to capture a day for posterity and another for family we do not see all that often. SO I started planning my shots.

  • alarm1
  • alarm2 (repeat alarm1)
  • sunrise time lapse
  • coffee maker
  • walk lucy
  • first cup of coffee
and then I started to consider the other "actors". Jennifer and the kids. Sigh. They did not sign up for this and I'm not doing it to be famous and let's not forget that Jennifer has not let me take a picture since we started dating. As for the pros like Neistat he has almost always been a filmmaker so everyone in his circles expect to have a camera attached at the hip.

So, day in a life is on the shelf for now and I'll keep practicing my filming and editing technique. This is a hobby now.

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