Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Travel Routers Part 7 - HooToo Tripmate Original

The first of the 2 HooToo travel routers arrived today and at first glance it looks similar to the RavPower. The front has a button with a quick battery level indicator and a WiFi/active indicator.

HooToo Tripmate Original
Battery - 6000mAH (quick press the power button to see power level) While the documentation calls it an "external battery" it seems to also power the router.
Ports - mini USB for charging the battery, USB port for charging other devices and flash drives, RJ45 ethernet port.
Modes - Access Point, bridge, file server
GUI - web admin, smartphone app
Default SSID - Tripmate-XXXX
Default password - 11111111
Default IP Address -
Default uid/pwd - admin/(no password)
Manual: link

** The only difference between the HooToo HT-TM01 is the SD Cardslot, the size of the device, the theme of the web interface. I originally thought that the web interface theme was different, however, it's not.  In fact the GUI is exactly the same as the RavPower. The one difference is that (a) the WiFi LED colors are inverted from the RavPower and several of the pages are returning server 501 errors. Looking at the download page I see that the version numbers are also identical.

After doing a little research I was able to determine that the support phone number is identical between the two companies(ravpower, hootoo).

UPDATE: Correction; the webui has a different theme. It turns out that my browser was caching too much from the original router. Clearly the admin tool did not set the TTL or cache aging correctly. Well, they are the same device but for the SD card. I'm going to assume that they are the same under the covers.

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