Saturday, January 2, 2016

Travel Routers Part 3 - FileHub

Continuing the Chromecast mission I'm trying the FileHub. In hindsight I should have performed a speed test but maybe another day.

  • The initial boot took about 45s; clearly faster than the ZyXEL.
  • It's running under battery power from the factory
  • I did not need to do anything other than connect the main access point which took a few tries because I forgot to enter the password... and so my main complain is that GUI is singularly non-standard, however, adding the local access point did not require a reboot.
  • After the initial boot the WiFi icon blinked blue then solid blue. Once I connected to the access point the icon displayed in green. I suppose this is useful feedback.
The FileHub get's the zero to boot award so far because of it's boot time and config time. It is missing a QoS feature that the ZyXEL has although that's not important in a hotel and neither of them can auto detect firmware updates. (download page)

Same as the ZyXEL I can see the Chromecast working out of the box.

UPDATE: in the hour that I was testing the battery indicator fell from 4 to 3. I have no idea what the scale is so longer tests will be required.

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