Friday, January 1, 2016

Sandisk Connect

I still own a Sandisk Media drive. I used it a few times when traveling in order to share media with family members as well as proxy the hotel's internet. If memory served there was 64GB internal and an external SDcard slot which I had a 128GB SDcard.

My complaints included WiFi speed, battery life, filesystems were not merged.

This year I purchased a Sandisk Connect 128GB.

My initial impressions were ok, however, in the end I was pretty disappointed.

  • If I set a password it could be reset without erasing the data.
  • Data is in the clear regardless of the password so if I took possession of a drive I can see the data.
  • Connect and data is in the clear
  • No Hidden SSID so when I was in an airplane or hotel I was subject to hackers 
  • Limited power about 2hrs streaming
  • Could not use as travel router as I tried to use it to setup my ChromeCast in my hotel.
Overall not a great experience.

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