Friday, December 4, 2015

binge watching the transporter tv series

while making my way into the second season; the first season was essentially true to the movie franchise. By the time the time the second seasons gets rolling a number of things happen:

  • handler quits (she had to. the missions were getting more dangerous and that was her fault for not vetting them)
  • mechanic dies
  • house is destroyed
  • opens packages
  • everyone seems to know his name
  • sleeps with all the girls except Cat
His friend the inspector spent a lot of time trying to arrest him, even though a lot of it was cat and mouse, he was still trying to arrest Frank. Now they seem to have a symbiotic friendship. I'm naive enough to say that I have no idea if this series is based on a book or comic book, which might drive the story line. At times the writers seem to portray him as slightly damaged but with the tilting of the windmill maybe he's seeing a therapist in his spare time.

PS: Besides looking more grey some of the fight scenes are not as crisp as they once were.

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