Monday, December 14, 2015

A kind word for Amazon Kindle

I wish I knew exactly what was involved in the tablet economics.

  • Apple is the boutique device to own and now with the "pro" model they seems to be encroaching on their own laptop market. However, since they also provide a bulk of the media consumed by the device you'd think they would employ a better razor/razorblade model.
  • Microsoft is kind of in the tablet market except that it seems to be dominated by 3rd parties and they do not offer much media.
  • Google is a leader in the Android tablet market but there is clearly some pricing challenges between Google and the other manufacturers. While Google offers good media choices the hardware prices are between Amazon and Apple.
  • 3rd party Android are questionable unless you get a Samsung and they toy pay a premium closer to Apple.
  • Amazon Kindle seems closer to the razor blade than anyone is going to get. I really like my Kindle Paperwhite and I think I would also like an HDR. The price of an HDR is $200 and they have discounts. Add an Amazon Prime account and most media is free.
The Kindle might actually be my next media device.

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