Monday, November 23, 2015

containers beyond hello world

I've started to refer to containers as such because while docker is a brand it's also a noun and while I do not want docker, brand, to fail I also want to promote other brands in the space. (think WordStar or WordPerfect).

And there is competition:

  • Docker
  • CoreOS - rkt
  • systemd-nspawn
  • lxc
  • lxd
  • nixos
  • and more for certain...

There are also plenty of frameorks like:

  • mesos
  • kubernetes
  • rancher
  • dies
  • docker-???

But even in the docker domain there are limits to "free". The same can be said for CoreOS. The challenge I am facing is how do I get to the next level without paying for licenses. 30 days is not long enough and some projects that I've been working on deserve frameworks but nothing to sophisticated.... It's part of the leaning.

One of the reporting projects I've been working on needs to address the container ecosystem closer to an enterprise and less a garage project. I posted a link on G+ that I was hoping would start a conversation but it's slow to get started.

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