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Where did this ship from?

According to Amazon, I placed the order Oct 18, it was shipped Oct 19 and it is going to take 3 weeks to arrive. Is this a punishment for not getting Amazon Prime? If the item was sold and shipped from anywhere in the US it should not take longer that 3-4 days using the regular postal service. Amazon should be ashamed of itself! I cannot wait for their class action lawsuit to begin.

Get Marshmallow now?

I'm not sure what the right way to install Android 6 but this is the broad outline of the steps I performed. Also I have no idea what the long term repercussions are. Good luck to me.
WARNING you are on your own if you decide to do anything I describe here Google's instructions make certain recommendations:

latest Android SDKmeans installing the Android Developer Studio; and if you're like me and you refuse to install Java then you'll need version 7 or betterLatest Android Image Now for the phone: put the Nexus 6 in developer modeenable OEM unlockpower-off the phoneconnect the phone to your computerquick boot the phone (volume down+power)OEM unlockselect YES; then press the power button (WARNING; going to delete everything and reboot)once the phone reboots you'll have to unzip the Android 6 imagemake sure fastboot is in the pathrun had run out of the house before this step finished so I do not know if there was a reboot. I imagine there was)now do a nor…

is a 16GB ChromeOS device sensible

I do not intend to brag but I have 4 Chromeboxes and 6 Chromebooks. One Chromebook, a Pixel i7, and one Chromebox, an ASUS, have 16GB of RAM. I opted for the extra RAM because of the work I do but maybe I've gone too far? I've been having second thoughts about the Pixel anyway. And now my concerns feel more real.

I've been wondering why Google and the other hardware brands have not just loaded these machines up. The great RAM famine of 2007 and others are long since over and since the configurations appear a few generations back, why not? This is particularly interesting since Google is competing to enter the school system. In that role it's less about the hardware than the software.  To be frank the extra ram is only useful for offline work and lots of open tabs.

However, recently I have been working on a client's SQL Server database. The default query timeout is 90 seconds; meaning that if I cannot complete a query in 90 seconds the request will abort and there i…

NCAA Football Ranking

Last night Florida State University's football team(Seminoles) beat the University of Miami (Hurricanes), however, it was not an assured victory before the opening kickoff. While the Seminoles had the lead going into halftime it was not decisive and the third quarter was dominated by the Hurricanes. I was not until the last 5 minutes and then the last minute of play when the Noles took the lead and held it. But it was never a lock.

At the time time; the broadcasters were showing other scores from around the country. That included TCU(2) vs Kansas St. Late in the 4th quarter it also appeared as if Kansas might upset TCU and while that sort of upset would be great for FSU it also points to how awkward and unreasonable the ranking system is.

Both Kansas St. and U of M are unranked teams, and if history is a teacher than, a victory would have severely damaged the ranked teams they played. It seems to me that a team can be a spoiler by merely preparing for the one game... It has been r…

labstack echo - nice http server in go

The echo http server is pretty nice even though it's missing a feature or two.

I would like to be able to serve assets directly from go-bindata's assetfssetting a root path without it being a path substitutionmissing ServeContent()
func main() {         flag.Parse()
        // Echo instance         e := echo.New()
        // Middleware         e.Use(mw.Logger())         e.Use(mw.Recover())
        e.Static("/public", "www/public")         // Routes         e.Index("public/index.html")         e.ServeFile("/welcome", "welcome.html")         e.ServeFile("/styles.css", "styles.css")         e.Get("/a", hello)
        // Start server         log.Printf("Listening to port: %v", *bindto)         e.Run(*bindto) }
Some good stuff fastzero stackwebsocketsJWT (even though I do not trust it)graceful shutdown

Latitude and Longitude notes

I'm working on a map that contains incomplete lat/long and while adding the missing locations I've made some mistakes. In particular when I found the lat/long on Google for Guam I was not sure if I was suppose add a negative sign or not.

Turns out NOT. So I was wrong and I had to correct my map. is awesome.

Chromecast Audio

It's a pretty cool idea and for the price it might make a good stocking stuffer but I do have a few observations.

While the image above is reasonable it's missing the power cable. When I initially discovered the Chromecast audio I was under the misconception that it might be battery powered. (looking back at the Chromecast I should have realized that).

The main use-case requires a WiFi connection for all of the devices to communicate. There is a "guest mode", however, I do not know if the device needs to be connected to a WiFi network to enable that mode.  In other words is there a "hotel mode" so that I can bring it with me on the road.

In the meantime it's just fine around the house but it's main use-case might be statically connected to the home stereo.

better documentation for vulcand

The banner on the Vulcand documentation reads:
Warning Status: Under active development. Used at Mailgun on moderate workloads. I've read through parts of the docs several times and I'm basically disappointed. I've finally come to the realization that Vulcand is meant to be run inside a proper firewall so that means don't try to use it at digital ocean as they do not provide a proper firewall. And remember to add the necessary ports when forwarding 443 and 80 etc.

My concern is that ports 8181 and 8182 in the examples:
docker run -p 8182:8182 -p 8181:8181 mailgun/vulcand:v0.8.0-beta.2 /go/bin/vulcand -apiInterface= --etcd= will be exposed to the public and private network. This is not the sort of thing that one guesses at. I would hope that they would be more clear.  The API interface is also bothersome.

El Capitan -

I have a plasitic unibody MacBook.

It had been my go to computer for a year or two. I handed it down to my wife after her previous Generation MacBook failed and was end of life.

Two nights ago I updated her OS from Yosemite to El Capitan. Even though her computer has 16GB of RAM and 2TB of disk it's performance is awful! Given that Moore's Law suggests that CPU density doubles every year and by extension increased performance there is no justification for why her MacBook is so slow.

Occam's Razor suggests something completely different. Since operating systems are so very complex and thus standardizing hardware designs to make use of commodity manufacturing economics there must be a black ops department with Apple that intentionally breaks backward performance and speeds up end of life. As an example look at any of the popular Linux variants, Windows and ChromeOS. With few exceptions edge to edge versions do not suffer the sorts of performance issues that Apple consistently…

moving a project from a single dedicated host to a CoreOS installation

After all that complaining I'm still going to try to move a project of mine from Rackspace to Digital Ocean and from Ubuntu to CoreOS.

Right now I have a single etcd server and a single worker. The worker will run three containers; database data volume container, postgres database container, wepapp container (python 2.7).
Get a discovery tokey curl
Create the etcd server:#cloud-config

    # generate a new token for each unique cluster from
    # specify the initial size of your cluster with ?size=X
    # multi-region and multi-cloud deployments need to use $public_ipv4
    advertise-client-urls: http://$private_ipv4:2379,http://$private_ipv4:4001
    initial-advertise-peer-urls: http://$private_ipv4:2380
    # listen on both the official ports and the legacy ports
    # legacy ports can be omitted if your application doesn't dep…

Could the Docker bet be wrong? "The mythical man-month applied to sysadmins too."

What would happen if the Docker bet was wrong? First of all companies like VMware and OpenStack support Docker as a "me too" as far as that does. Beside rkt(Rocket) there isn't much competition. (Ubuntu has something called LXD and NixOS, Systemd, and a few other teams have wrappers around LXC. Docker is also trying to wrap itself in legal armor and it's moving from free/open to pay for play.) It's clearly all too confusing. So many companies are wrapping themselves in the multicolored robes of docker and the rest are simply hedging their pets.

Let's do a little shoestring and paper napkin analysis:

Docker claims to remove the duplicate features in running a proper OS per application by sharing the kernel with the host. Thus reducing the overhead and energy spent. So I ask the question: "If you're running a vannila Ubuntu in a Docker container just what is the savings? Phusion has already made certain claims about the number of daemons running and why…

Google OnHub Review

WiFi was never as complicated as it is today and the ignorance of the hardwired lifestyle is to be appreciated. Personally I have owned a number of different firewall-routers going back to an Intel 56KB modem router; through many d-Link, TP-Link, Linksys, Apple. Now I'm the owner of a Google firewall router that is manufactured by TP-Link.

I'm not certain who did what part of the package, however, I recently read an article where Google is no happy with it's Nexus vendor(s) which is why they brought the Pixel-C under Google manufacturing. Who knows?

I watched a demo of the OnHub and I was immediately impressed. Not because the packaging looked like it was from Tiffany's but because it was said to have 16 antennas and one high performance directional. (My house is concrete and steel with metal studs. It's practically a Faraday cage. Second the software was described as advanced and feature-full... or some such.

While all that seems kitsch there are still plenty of wa…