Saturday, September 26, 2015

In the last week or so I posted that I had had some success with my CoreOS cluster.

Well, when the cluster is not doing anything except auto updating then that's not really success. I have two service files that I've wanted to use to launch Bosun and Grafana. The problem is they will not launch from the worker. Something is missing in the setup.

When I tried the fleetctl start bosun command I got this error in return:
Error running remote command: SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment variable is not set. Verify ssh-agent is running. See for help.
When I followed the link in the message there was nothing about SSH although there were some very vague hints. I went back to the documentation where I pilfered the image above and read it carefully. This stood out:
The cloud-config files provided with each section are valid, but you will need to add SSH keys and other desired configuration options.
It's not clear at all how to properly setup SSH and get fleet working but it's clearly important.

I've created an issue which I hope CoreOS will address.

UPDATE This article covers some of the issues... without it an etcd cluster node might be assigned rather than a worker.

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