Saturday, September 26, 2015

cloud storage misconceptions

Here are just a few facts:


  • if you have a gmail account any additional storage you might purchase it for that one user
  • if you have a free domain account at google then you get the base storage for free but anything after that is for the single user. The extra storage you might get from buying a chrome device directly from google applies to that one account
  • paid accounts come in two flavors. The vault option is very promising and I have not seen an equal.
  • Google has always been frugal such that the full size images are in the cloud and the thumbnails are on the device. (I think)
  • Google+ photo at reduced resolution is free. (I like this!!!)
  • family sharing does not apply to storage (link)
  • Finally added iCloud application storage for iPhoto. I'd say a little too late... with 58K photos it's going to take a few weeks to get sync'd
  • are they a contender
  • APIs are nice but do I care
  • nice idea, incomplete, need my own cloud servers, and no client software for all the iOS, OSX, Chrome and Android devices I have.
In conclusion Google is still likely the better environment. Apple still costs a premium and has not achieved the level of interop that Google has. Google's not perfect but has a lot more checked boxes. With the exception of one or two features I have no reason to go back to Apple and for those features I think I want a surface or a MacMini with VMware.

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