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you have been contacted by network services

The pitch is the same.... the phone rings and the number is usually a strange 7 or 8 digit number preceded by a plus (+). When I answer there is a slight delay and the phone is now showing some other number and in my case it was 337-729-7536. The person on the other end have been both men and women, however, they have always had a distinct accent that I can only place in Pakistan or India. I do not have an extensive experience with voices, however, in one instance I was able to get the person on the other end to admit she worked in an Indian call center. I have no idea what they are actually accomplishing because it never gets that far.

During this evening's call I asked a few questions:
  • where are you located? California
  • What is the name of the company? Orange Tech In Los Angeles
When I Googled and called Orange the number had been disconnected.
  • I told the caller that I was putting the kids to sleep and that I would call back. What is your number? 866-263-2630
When I Googled this number I was only able to determine that it was a toll-free number. (866) - get a clue... There are a number of social websites that are trying to capture this information in a useful way, however, between the poor quality, over advertising, accuracy... it was just a waste.

So I called the number.  What could it hurt? They already had my number... My guess is that the number was also bullshit. The phone just rang and went unanswered.

During the pitch the caller said, repeatedly, that he was from the "Microsoft Network Department" and that he needed to perform some maintenance on my computer. Well.... there isn't a computer company on the planet that is going to do exactly that. Simply put this is a scam of epic proportions!

These "social engineers" (see Kevin Mitnik) are trying to do a number of things
  • get you to install something on your computer that in itself may contain virus-ware, malware, or even ransom-ware.
  • in addition they may simply be trying to get your credit card number and if you're unfortunate to use your debit card they may siphon your bank account dry. Which they could use to do a lot more damage to your financial standing.
  • NEVER give out your PIN.
If you think you are having trouble with your computer then do this:
  • geek squad or similar
  • any of the big box stores
  • pull out the hard drive and destroy it with a hammer; and buy a new computer
  • instead of buying a new computer start thinking about chromebook or ipad etc...
**For the time being comments are open. Please append any information or key phrases you can get and report it to your local law enforcement when applicable. Network neutrality and the cross board communication laws were never intended for this.

UPDATE:  I just got off the phone with network security services. Actually "David" hung up on me. David tried to get me to give him access to my computer via the "logmein" service. Of course there is nothing wrong with logmein as a service. I've used similar services to help family members but that's a horse of a different color. I asked David how much this was going to cost me and he said FREE. Can you hear the alarm bells yet? When I loaded the logmein login page he gave me a number. It was a simple login number that would eventually pair our computers together giving David full access to my computer.

Instead of logging in.... I put David on hold and clicked the "report abuse" link on the login page. I filled in the information and included the PIN. I also followed up with a phone call to their technical support team. The operator took my information and checked the account. He also alerted their security staff. Finally David hung up on me. I assume that he heard my conversation with logmein (because I didn't actually put him on hold) and then the line went dead.

I'm certain that if I allowed things to continue that David might have found a way to drop something on my computer that would put everything I consider important at risk.  My data and code and the same for my customers.

PS: this call came from an area code in Canada(249-713-6048). If you've ever worked in telephony then you know that the callerid information can be spoofed. What you don't know is that google is not a telephone company and as such is more likely have more info and more willing to take action.


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