Sunday, May 24, 2015

Entitlement, Go Pro, and Poop

I admit I'm still pretty angry and so I'm venting.
This morning I decided to get some fresh bagels for my family and as I was exiting my gated community I stopped at a red light which turned green as I approached. Before I could get my car across the crosswalk there was an onslaught of 50-75 riders blew through their red light denying me the right of way.
Since riders are known to cover 25-100 miles in a ride I cannot say whether or not they reside in Weston... however, many Weston residents have a sense of entitlement which I now extend to these riders.
As I fumbled for my phone in order to capture the moment for the city council I was reminded of some YouTube videos I saw a few years ago where Russian drivers used dashcams as a sort of insurance policy as there had been a rash of people stepping in front of cars in order to collect some financial payoff. I was thinking that I could have used a camera at exactly that moment as I could see my right of way was clear and the riders had certainly in violation.

This is not the same as (a) opening your door and letting your dog poop without a leash, or (b) watering you lawn on an odd or even day. A mistake here and a lot of people get hurt.

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