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"C lacks good memory management"

“C lacks good memory management”. Really? C’s memory management is basically an extension of the OS exposed memory management and is many cases is modeled after POSIX which is includes various standards and expected behaviors. And let’s not forget that many high level languages and libraries are themselves written or descended from C.

If we could start over...

"If we could start over" is a very common battle cry. WTF are these managers and architects thinking about? What they seem to be suggesting is that the well trodden path that they are collectively exploring is no longer any good and they need to try the other fork in the road. The for where they have no real professional experience and where all the problems they have already solved need to be discarded for a whole new bread of problems. And like the conversion from COBOL to C, mainframes to PCs, the transition is going to have it's casualties... and believe it or not there are still plenty of COBOL/JCL mainframes out there.

Toddlers that code

To those US executives that support the movement. Before you dilute yet another US industry you better plan for what's going to happen here. No presidential stimulus is going to help you sell your tech and services if more is not designed, manufactured and built in the US.

How did they do that?

Warning is post is part fiction and part stream of consciousness and my intent is to take you to a happy place or give you a lot more to think about.

WildCard the early days: - one of the interesting things that happened to us was the day the very first BIN went live (processing through FDR in Omaha). Even before the first card was manufactured we started receiving transactions from Nigeria. They were clearly bogus but we were not expecting anything at all.
- years later I caught our first ATM bandits in Moscow. (a) they ran too many PIN transaction in such a short period of time that they could only have accomplished this with a hijacked ATM (b) somehow they knew we did some sort of load balancing so they were trying to skim a little off the top.
- we did have a programmer of Russian origin that worked for WildCard; he was later laid off when WildCard downsized after it's own first bubble burst. In retrospect he was always working odd hours; his explanation was so that he could VO…

Dart-lang or NodeJS

One of the points for building Dart was a better mousetrap; and it certainly is.  However, if Google wants to seriously displace Javascript then it should take a real long and hard look at NodeJS. In order for Dart-lang to be a serious contender it needs a better API.
PS: The same can be said for GO.

NodeJS mindshare

NodeJS in the form of ExpressJS is getting some of my mindshare. My only concern is that amount of dependencies there are to accomplish the most basic tasks. And then... when you actually create a package or push your code to production... there is so much of it.

Ruby 2.0.0-p0

I know there are a lot of people that like version 2 of stuff... ie; Perl 6, Python 3 and not Ruby 2. It seems to me that in today's environment version X+1 should be less and not more. Or at least do more with less. I'd be impressed if they reduced the LOC footprint and didn't lose any functionality or maybe lost the bits that cause the most problems.

NodeJS use case

For all the bashing I do on NodeJS I have a use-case that it might be ideally suited for. Sitting immediately behind a load-balanced webserver converting REST calls into a MQ request/response. Authenticating, parsing, and validating input before reformatting for consumption by the MQ.

Has windows network diagnostics ever worked?

Not even once.