Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vizio thin and light

The latest Vizio thin notebooks are on my list of computers that I would deploy in an enterprise or even in a regular office environment. Forget Windows 8 and concentrate on the price/performance and the fact that they do not deploy any junkware.

For all it's fancy and modern hardware it's comparable to the MacBook Air and a lot less expensive even if you do not like Windows. The fact of the matter is that we spend more time in our browsers than we do our desktop.

The modern desktop is (a) artful/sleek and (b) in the browser.

super tweaking

I used to be one of those guys that would super tweak my PC or Mac until it was "just right". Recently I decided that it was a waste of time. Specially at work.

The fact of the matter is that it takes weeks if not months to get things the way you might ideally want them. Then after all that the OS manufacturer or one or many of the tools you use gets a minor upgrade and all that work is for nothing.

Before you super tweak every dropdown and select button just calculate what you could have been making in cash versus the cost of a couple of movies or some other hobby you might have and what the maintenance cost is going to be.

At the end I think you'll probably decide... chromebook.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chromebox for kids

We need a collection of age appropriate software or websites for engaging my kids.

Why does the internet suck form Thanksgiving to Valentines Day?

I'm just asking because my kids want to watch Disney Junior and Sesame Street and the download speeds (probably at the server end) is just awful even though says I have plenty of bandwidth.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday is a bust!

Can't wait for cyber-Monday.

"Like You Own It"

"Like You Own It" is an interesting behavioral anti-pattern. On the one hand you're not actually an owner or with owner level skin in the game if you have to act "like" an owner. And when you have a room or an office filled with "owners" then (a) your actions or ideas are diluted and (b) getting ahead of mediocre ideas means gaming the other owners.  It's just not healthy or workable.

However, from the idea.... ask yourself; what would an owner do?  That's where the value add is.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Daily "bag of crap"

I'm not sure what you call it when you write tweets that are not actually tweets; not much longer than tweets and do not use twitter. But are basically one-way communications between the writer and reader... As for the meaning or intent your guess is as good as mine.
It is mostly an uncensored response to my environment, things I've read, or mental exercises.

As a Bag of Crap goes I'm still hoping not to waste anyones time... but it's certainly not a seed for what I write about here. I hope you'll join me anyway.

Framework complexity

This is one of those stupid topics in modern software development. It comes on the heals of a number of blog articles professing the many benefits of Ruby, bugs that are repaired in Rails 3.2.9, Python framework complexity.

As a professional programmer we are paid to know and understand our tools.  We are expected to be efficient and productive; and from time to time we are expected to construct scalable solutions. What most programmers and managers fail to comprehend is that the efficiency usually comes in the form of macros (activerecord is essentially a very smart macro/api). The same can be said for other ORMs.

Optional coding standards

A blogger recently decided to drop coding standards. His rationale made sense too. Problem is that he forgot that not all programmers are alike, equally skilled, or of equal interest. The rookie programmer still needs structure.

The virtual office

Only programmers want virtual offices and after 30 years of employment and 10 years of working at home I'm convinced its a mistake.

From a manager's perspective programmers produce stuff. How much stuff may be relative to skill, experience or tools but its more than that too. They want to see 8hrs production in 8hrs. Virtual workers might get it done in 10 or 12.

Cowboy fun

Erlang is still an edge case but recently there have been some advances in the tool stack. The problem, however, is that few people use it and fewer do it well enough to bet the business on. Any business expecting to rely on erlang MUST have a cache of franchise players to rely on and a pool of rookies willing to be trained.

Platform envy

For those who are going all-in with a windows8 tablet, convertible laptop, etc... Consider the nexus brand with google apps. Recent events make it the goto platform. It's simply unmatched.

No incentive to upgrade google drive?

When you consider the google apps ecosystem all google really needed was an uploader. Everything else was intended to be manipulated on the web. So even though we have a sync app with symlinks etc... It's really meant for online access.

Desktop apps in a cloud world

Do you need to backup your desktop with tools like apple's time machine when everything else is in the cloud? Isn't it better to just install your tools instead of restoring; either manually or chef solo-like.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Unstick sticky platforms

Sticky just cost me 500$USD at the Apple store for repairs. It is time to reconsider.

Latest MacBook Genius Bar experience ...

Is justification for google's chrome hardware.

'Lunch with Katie on Friday'

... Is a silly calendar feature because unless you have your calendar memorized or empty you'd have to look for an empty appointment anyway. Well done Apple!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Two down, one to go

Two of my 3 Apple laptops are down.  The first has a problem with the mouse button. The second needs a reinstall because the overall performance hit the skids about the time that I decided that everything needs to be in the cloud (TBD). And the third seems to be suffering but since it's an early MBA (MacBook Air) with little memory and little disk I'm mad but not that mad as it may become an OpenBSD machine in no time... if it works.

The one thing I have decided is that I need another ChromeBook or ChromeBox. (a) I bought a ChromeBox for my kids and while they use it for watching Sesame Street I did use it to log into a server and perform a system upgrade. (b) I probably need a mobile version for them for when we are on the road.. read Disney World. (c) I'm tired of spending big money on the desktop and the various tools and apps when I should be paying for storage and reliability.

I need the reliability of the dialtone.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chrome is memory hungry

It just barely functions with2GB of ram.


I'm just not feeling the confidence necessary to install it.

Bootstrap needs

Clear guidelines for using it with the different browser versions and what version dependencies there are. I managed to tweak a site to get IE8 to work but it would have been nice to know beforehand if it were possible.

Golang rocks

My only complaint is that I wish my app would run as a service.

another bad day for open source

One of the hallmarks of a good open source project is just how complicated it is to install, configure and maintain. Happily gitlab and the ...