Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One Pager - Death March -- Yourdon

Death March is is fairly easy to describe. I particularly like the wikipedia description. The part that always gets me is "...informed member can see is destined to fail...". How many times have you been a part of a project that felt that it was going to fail from the day you heard the idea or when the initial details arrived.

Some of the foreshadowing can be seen in the book Mythical Man-Month although it's never addressed as such. Being in the thick of things I see this time and time again yet even if the project really is going to fail; at the very least it should not be a self fulfilling prophecy. If the project is going to fail then let it fail on it's own merits and not from a lack of trying. (Just my two cents).


(1) defines the death march and the forces/actions that make it happen

(2) death march projects come in all sizes

(3) Why? Dilbert, Politics, Promises, Optimism, Startup Mentality, Marine Corps Mentality, Intense Competition, Intense Regulation, Unexpected Crises

(4) Why people participate



People in Death March Projects


Tools and Technology

Death March as a Way of Life

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