Wednesday, May 9, 2012

iPad mini? What iPad maxi or Mac-si

I'm never sure where these rumor guys get their info but one thing that I always thought "we" needed was a desktop version of an iOS device. This would make certain knowledge worker environments better and safer for the companies. But then, just yesterday, my wife asked me for a Mac or a hand-me-down Mac for our 2 year old. She seems to have mastered her iPhone3 (another hand-me-down in airplane mode with all personal information stripped)

But as I contemplate strapping a Mac Mini to the underside of her ikea play table with a monitor fixed permanently to the same table and the wires strapped down and the childproof power strip. Maybe I really need to get her a refurbished iPad? Maybe what I really need is a iPad maxi?

The idea of having to constantly repair my child's computer the way I have to work on my parents computers scares me. It's hard enough doing my day job and responding to my clients, my bosses, and now my 2yr old. 

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