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I see the light

Watching, reading or listening to stories of hikers on the famous trails typically take place in daylight hours. Occasionally there are stories about a night hike here and there. But what I never hear is someone hiking the Big Cypress at night. On the AT, PCT and CDT a hiker can just stop, wrap themselves in a tarp or tent and go to sleep. But in Big Cypress unless it's the dry season or you are on high ground... or you have a hammock then you gotta finish...
But how does that work if your flashlight or headlamp stops working?

I have several flashlight with different features. Let's start with my least favorite...
The Viitchelo is the worst. I have two models. One with shock cord and two with a strap. The buttons are unreliable. The cap clip is too strong and the lamp too heavy for a boonie had. The clip makes managing the strap very difficult. However the two biggest issues are [1] battery life is different even in the same model [2] the button functions are different even th…
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How fast is fast enough?

There was a time when I would download many GB and possibly TB of videos all for the purpose of binge watching an entire series over many seasons. Now that Netflix, Prime Video and no hulu fill most of that need every is streamed. So what sort of speed do I need in the house?

It's not that difficult of a question and there are some generalities you can apply. How many HD or 4K TVs? Are you actually downloading big things?

So; since I no longer download I do not need the big pipes. What I really need is symmetrical speeds (same upload and download) and reliability. Since the later is impossible to predict but can be implemented with multiple vendors and load balancing that's what I did. The former is possible from both ATT and Comcast so both boxes checked.

As for speed... there are 4 people in the house... but let's assume one guest... so there could be 5 streams going at once. HD needs about 8Mbps per stream for a grand total of 45Mbps. And if that were a 4K stream then b…

Google Cloud Computing Outage

If you're complaining about the outage yesterday then you're an id10t. I just read the byline on TechCrunch and the author and editors clearly do not understand the options and why the occasional cloud infrastructure outage is simply not that big of a deal.

Simply put you get what you pay for and diversity is king.

First of all there is nothing capable of 100% availability. Just look at all of the loopholes in the six sigma specification. Second the more reliable or the more clicks you want to capture closest to an "event" the more it will cost to reconcile those last events; Just as your creditcard's provider. And more of that cost will have to be passed on to the customer.

Sure, it sucks when a system goes down and even worse when it's a system you or great number of people rely on. But your transaction is not any more or less important than anyone else's... And this is not a call to move your services in-house. If these systems were in-house [a] would …

keto chicken nuggets

not really a nugget but close.


green pepper
almost flower
seasoning like salt, garlic, chili, cumin ... whatever

optionally an egg wash with some pork rinds

cook in coconut oil about 3 minutes per side.

See keto connect

Bluetooth Trackbad or trackpad

It's been years since the computer mouse industry decided that wireless keyboards and mice were not good enough for game play where click latency could be the difference between winning or losing. I'm not quite sure what the first wireless technologies were but the first wireless Logitech devices were fine for programming and normal business operations.

But now we have devices like iPads and Slates where touch was the preferred pointer and they never had enough ports for a dongle or a wired device. So we are stuck with BlueTooth and while that's OK for most keyboards it sucks for pointing.

what's in your wallet?

Sure I meant to be funny but "what's in your ultralight backpack" does not roll as well. While I look at my camping and hiking gear I hate the way I get ready for a hike. I always bring too much or too little. This is not limited to hiking but any time I put my pack together for a mission (all day soccer tournament with the kids.)

My newest strategy is one bag per kit... and this is the list of kits?

sheltersleepclotheselectronicsfoodcookwaterfirst aid and hygiene
I have to think about the shelter, sleep and clothes. Some of that stuff get's wet or stinky so choices have to be made. There is nothing better than a gallon or larger ziplock.

Ultralight do over

We all like expensive things and there is no exception in the SUL and UL hiking world. Anyone who talks about going (S)UL usually spends many hundreds of dollars on their gear. One thing I discovered is that I can do it at a fraction of the price and in case of a failure my insurance policy is next-day shipping or just the closest hardware store.

This particular kit is a full replacement for $29.

Of course in a disaster recovery or failure scenario you do not have to replace everything but it's cheap enough... In fact you could have kits sitting at home or with a friend that could be drop shipped all at once basically refreshing your entire kit.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all polycryo is the same. Since it was designed to seal windows in the winter it reacts to heat and shrinks. Also since it's transparent it is more for hiking than camping. Site selection and configuration are still important.