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delete the bookmarks

I have a long list of bookmarks for hiking gear. The thing is I have more than everything I need and Frankly the Amazon and Walmart challenges are good enough. I suppose if I were actually going to do a thru hike I'd invest in some UL and SUL gear but in the meantime these links and all the time I spend reviewing gear seems to be a waste of time and money...

Time to say bye bye
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more alternatives

In no particular order let's try to keep things simple.

AppScale is an open source version of Google's AppEngine. While I like the opensource view of this platform there are many advantages to deploying on the google version. First of all I'm just not sure which direction the development went. Was AppScale first or AppEngine. Then there are all the tools, consoles, dashboards, and integrated services... but you're going to pay for that. Granted scale is everything but there is something to be said about the development environment, designs, and the discipline it invokes. (incomplete because there are shards of for profit and platform lock-in)

Bitnami - this platform has been around a long time. I remember the ole days when it was the poor man's multi-tenant platform just prior to the domain landrush. The platform has grown to include many different types of packaging. What makes it ideal is that the platform is separate from the applications.
VMware is acquiring Bitn…

Hashicorp Packer; is it a waste of time and money?

I'm lazy. There, I've said it. It's that laziness that prevents me from creating "things" with layers of complexity and simplicity. I simply want to GST (get sh*t done) in the fewest keystrokes, lines of code, and features. All those things are nice to have but in all honestly get some revenue first. Paying customers with feature requests is better than no customers burning through investment.
I recall in one environment we talked about HA replication and scaling to 10s-100s of servers. That was a nice exercise, however, we always said "transaction volume would be a different class of problem to solve". Sadly it never happened and we never grew past a single deployment and all of that DB and security replication cost money to develop and test... and worse support in production. And those features never generated a single extra dollar in revenue. So what does Packer get you? Frankly I'm not sure. They support a number of different targets but all of …

OMG will stupid ever end

I'm 5 minutes into my first Flutter training video and I'm hating it already. While I could go on and rant about flutter and it's crap it's just a trigger to a number of rants related to programming and dump trucks of stupid.

The first piece of stupid the depths to which flutter and android development relies on java. At one point in time java had become the COBOL of our time. It was everywhere and could do everything. But then at some point the poison from Microsoft where their vast quantity of APIs and attempt to pollute java turned into C#. Now java is drowning in APIs and even worse stupid language features.

For some reason golang has been the target of java programmers. For some reason they want classes and generics. Why on earth does someone want go to look like java? In that case just use java... the rest is just syntax.

What's next?

For me I think we are looking at simple DSLs. Why wouldn't you just take the 500 lines of code for a tcl interpreter and m…

Tarp Cliff notes

I had a quick fail in the backyard as the skies opened up... Here are some quick notes for setting up a tarp:

Depending on how the edges have been finished AND if there is some seam sealer or tape; there is a top and bottom to the tarp. Make sure the correct side is facing upWith hammocks and some other configurations it's common to suspend the tarp from the ridgeline rather than over the ridgeline. There are some advantages and disadvantages... Wearing of the tarp as it rubs on the cordage; else it will sag and require a more taught lines which has it's own complications. There's also some dripping as water flows along the cord... which can be offset with drip a downpour a net tent may not be necessary. Get maximal coverage, ground insulation, dry clothes, use the poncho as a secondary blanket.know the direction of the wind, locate any natural shelter, set the position and slope of the tarp accordingly.Consider an umbrella as a 4th wall or to give some volume to t…

embrace the suck

I'm still thinking about the ground sheet challenge for this setup. Polycryo is lightweight and compact but it's that weight that allows it to fly around and it's the plastic that makes it stick to everything.

However, I have a plan. First of all my kit includes a hammock. It could be used for sleep or just as a chair. They are great in the swamp when you need a rest or you want to get your feet out of the water. But if you want to sleep then you need or should have a proper tarp. The tarp above is approx 6'x9'. That's simply not long or wide enough in the rainy season.

So here's the plan. Have a second tarp as a ground sheet and use the two tarps in bad weather. Also, since the tarp is essentially a single and depending on the configuration I could use the second tarp and or my poncho tarp for extra coverage or even insulation.

On the hammock side I've decided to do with the SeaToSummit Ultralight hammock with some UL straps. Unlike other hammocks the …

Sea to Summit Pyramid Net Tent

STS makes 2 different models of the SOLO/SINGLE net tent. One is a nano with insect shield and the other is without. The nano is a grey material, it's light and feels like pantyhose. Where the non-nano feels like a coarse head bugnet or even a cook's headnet.

I decided to deploy the net today and while my nano is about 9 months old I've never used it. The material is soft and stretchy. The cord at the top is stretchy like a lightweight shock cord. Unfortunately I'd never noticed but there is a hook and loop patch attached to the net and it would not release. In the end the net ripped.

So then I tried the other. It's not treated but I have some spray. It's not soft and it's larger in volume than the nano. The cord is not a shock cord and that seems to have made the deploy better. Frankly you're not really supposed to touch the sides because that's where the bugs hang out.

In this configuration I should be able to relax and sit up. I could do a better…