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minimalist water

I have too much junk. I mean I have too many things that I'll just never use again or maybe for the first time. Granted it's all part of my midlife crisis and I own that but after all that I really want to go minimal.
I had a contract position in Sweden and as part of the job I requested a Swedish apartment so I could experience the Swedish lifestyle. It was a small apartment and typical. I was close to buses and trains so I made use of them. There was also a grocery between the train and the apartment so I did not have to keep any food in the apartment except the most basic snacks. Making the grocery my refrigerator and pantry was probably the best lesson and one that I wished at home. And now water bottles.. .

Hikers will buy a smartwater bottle and use it for weeks and months. This bottle became the de facto water bottle as filter and accessory companies modeled their products to that bottle.

About 2 years ago we purchased 4 Nalgene-32 bottles the kids so that they had plen…
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Lightest tarp tent possible

I constantly refer to super ultralight (SUL) as the race to the most expensive gear or no gear.
You don't need band-aids if you have tape. Somewhere in that formula there are some cheap and light options but are they better and how does that work? If you're reading this post then you already know about the materials out there and the cost of the raw and finished products. So I will no go there.

Last year I purchased a roll of shrink and seal film from Amazon. I think this 25ft by 7ft roll cost me less than $10 USD. I've made a few groundsheets with this stuff making a 7'x5' by orienting the material on one direction; and today I made a 9'x7' tarp in the other direction.

This turns out to be a pretty big tarp. The short corner lines are only about 8" and should be more like 2' in order to give the short side some optional height. I could also add a tie to the center or even off center to provide some headroom and a possible hook for the net tent.


container root account misconfigurations

I did not read the article titled "Root account misconfigurations found in 20% of top 1,000 Docker containers | ZDNet" but I found myself pretty mad about the inference. Also while I'm no container expert I have some strong system opinions. And because I'm so frustrated this is going to be very short and to the point.

Containers that are built on anything more than just a simple binary and maybe some static data and/or some volumes and networks is just stupid. [a] first you have core OS processes running in both the host and guest [b] there are other OS exploits in privilege escalation and other IPC between the guest and host [c] there are all the cron'd and other services that are now duplicated leaking even more resources [d] there are processes that you are not aware of that also leak ports.
The ideal container is JUST the binary and links to persistent storage and other services like a DB.
In one of my current projects I've taken the risk of including a c…

tarp setup - are linelocks necessary

I like tarp camping for a lot of reasons and while I've hiked only a few hundred miles total it's still something I aspire to. And while there is something to be said for learning on the trail or in the moment I really want to make some off trail decisions that pay dividends on trail. For example:

go as light as you can afford - there are some exotic materials out there that cost many multiples of materials that simply work; and consider letting things do double duty.leave some things behind - soap; you're going to get dirty and smelly so embrace the stink. But then I watched a Jupiterhikes video where he talks about tarps.

I had watched this video a few times over the last year and I finally noticed that he did not seem to have linelocks. Just 6 lines on a 7x9 BoraGear tarp. I have one of these tarps and I have been experimenting with all sorts of linelocks and all sorts of exotic knots. His lines were:

2x 2 foot2x 4 foot2x 8 foot. Each seemed to have a loop on each end and…

One Stop Shopping

As I was tripping over my abundance of day packs and being frustrated that my new sleeping pad did not fit in my day pack I was reminded of a few facts. First that my Gossamer Gear Kumo 36 is just 10 more liters than the Gossamer Gear day pack and only a fraction heavier. And while I'm trying to turn my day pack into a UL or SUL pack I'm realizing that  I'm trading out a lot of comfort as I discovered when I tried to pack my foam sleeping pad.

But as I later realized I have been mixing and matching my gear as most hikers do and that seems to create some of my chaos. For example Gossamer Gear has everything a ground hiker needs except a net tent and or sleeping bags and pillows. The strange bit is that some items are disproportionately expensive. Just look at the trekking poles.

Sea to Summit, another outfitter also has a lot of great gear. They fill in many of the gaps by being a 4 season company and offering everything you might need for camping or hiking. That includes h…

words are important

Ever since Trump uttered his first words he has been a liar and ever since he took office people have been trying to tel him that words mater. But before you think this is a political ran... I'm actually thinking about something different.

I have interviewed hundreds of candidate employees over the years. The one quirk that is common is when someone says that they built a computer or a raspberry Pi. Really? Are you sure you did not mean "assembled"? In my mind "building" suggests taking all the raw components and soldering them and then combining the larger pieces into the final project... just watch how they build a skyscraper or assemble a prefab home.

So when someone describes Kali Linux as a Debian rewrite they have no idea what they are talking about... Moving on.

and the dish ran away with the spoon

The only time I ever liked a spork was when I was in high school. When I was deciding on my first utensil I decided to go with the long handled titanium spoon instead of the spork. Then when I was outfitting for camping trips with the kids I bought a collection of different light my fire utensils (link). They must sell a ton of these, however, in practice they are useless. They are short, the knife edge is useless, and if you are switching between fork and spook you're going to get dirty and cross contaminate the utensil. LMF also sells a titanium version. 
HumanGear  (link) makes sets in a case and they also make a spoon/fork combo that will transform into a longer utensil however the grooves require additional cleaning.

As for the length you have to consider the first time you tried to eat out of a mountain house packet. It was impossible to mix the contents with a short spoon and not cross contaminating the food.
That's when I discovered the Gossamer Gear Bamboo Spoon (link)…