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Cooking an egg with a solo stove

Earlier today I watched a bushcrafter cooking eggs by tapping a hole in the top of the egg scrambling the contents with some sort of a stick or metal wire and then placing the egg on a bed of coals. He knew that the day was done when the egg top exploded. That got me to thinking.

Recalling an earlier presentation a bushcrafter placed a cup of water next to his solo and while it never achieved a rolling boil it did in fact yet warm enough to make a cup of tea. This got me to thinking about hanging a Contraption off the side of my solo and placing the egg in the contraption hoping that radiation from the top third of the solo would then be able to cook the egg thoroughly.

Finding the wire into two Loops for the top and bottom of the egg took no time at all period starting the fire was also pretty painless. 30 minutes into the heating cycle it appeared that the egg yolk and egg white had turned opaque. In fact after 30 minutes of cooking the egg was just under a soft boil. I cannot imagine waiting 30 to 45 minutes 2 make an egg NFL at the same time cooking something else. There are simply no tasks that would take that long.

Billy Improvement I can make to my system would be to include a better radiator so that I can pull more heat on the outside of the solo and directed at the egg itself. The method of putting the egg in the Kohl's works except that the egg Heats unevenly by eating from the bottom of the egg the insides reachable and rejected out of the hole on the top.

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Prometheus vs Bosun

In conclusion... while Bosun(B) is still not the ideal monitoring system neither is Prometheus(P).


I am running Bosun in a Docker container hosted on CoreOS. Fleet service/unit files keep it running. However in once case I have experienced at least one severe crash as a result of a disk full condition. That it is implemented as part golang, java and python is an annoyance. The MIT license is about the only good thing.

I am trying to integrate Prometheus into my pipeline but losing steam fast. The Prometheus design seems to desire that you integrate your own cache inside your application and then allow the server to scrape the data, however, if the interval between scrapes is shorter than the longest transient session of your application then you need a gateway. A place to shuttle your data that will be a little more persistent.

(1) storing the data in my application might get me started more quickly
(2) getting the server to pull the data might be more secure
(3) using a push g…

Entry level cost for CoreOS+Tectonic

CoreOS and Tectonic start their pricing at 10 servers. Managed CoreOS starts at $1000 per month for those first 10 servers and Tectonic is $5000 for the same 10 servers. Annualized that is $85K or at least one employee depending on your market. As a single employee company I'd rather hire the employee. Specially since I only have 3 servers.

The pricing is biased toward the largest servers with the largest capacities; my dual core 32GB i5 IntelNuc can never be mistaken for a 96-CPU dual or quad core DELL

If CoreOS does not figure out a different barrier of entry they are going to follow the Borland path to obscurity.

Weave vs Flannel

While Weave and Flannel have some features in common weave includes DNS for service discovery and a wrapper process for capturing that info. In order to get some parity you'd need to add a DNS service like SkyDNS and then write your own script to weave the two together.
In Weave your fleet file might have some of this:
[Service] . . . ExecStartPre=/opt/bin/weave run --net=host --name bob ncx/bob ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker attach bob
In sky + flannel it might look like:
[Service] . . . ExecStartPre=docker run -d --net=host --name bob ncx/bob ExecStartPre=etcdctl set /skydns/local/ncx/bob '{"host":"`docker inspect --format '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' bob`","port":8080}' ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker attach bob
I'd like it to look like this:
[Service] . . . ExecStartPre=skyrun --net=host --name bob ncx/bob ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker attach bob
That's the intent anyway. I'm not sure the exact commands will work and that's partly why we…