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Android vs ChromeOS

In the past few months there has been some press relating to the merging of Android and ChromeOS. There have been talking heads from all corners with varying opinions that likely have less to do with Google's failure and more to do with moving eyeballs to non-Google devices.

If Google elects to do anything in this space I strongly recommend starting with the requirements. For example; there is more compute horsepower in most smartphones than there is any of the Chromebooks. So why does Chromebook install a release in 9 seconds and a new Android release can take 20 minutes?

This past week Motorols replaced my damaged Nexus 6 with a refurbished device. First of all the model was exactly alike with the same AT&T crapware. Even though I had been in developer-mode on my damaged phone the closest backup was 41 days away. Android installed most of the Apps I had installed on the previous phone and most of the data that was managed in the cloud (mostly Google software) My only complaint was that I needed to install no less than 7 system updates taking 15 minutes each.

Keep in mind that the restore process was better than Apple.

I cannot say for certain but I think Google produces a baseline Android OS that the manufacturers tweak for the individual vendors; thus the horrible AT&T splash screen. It also means that releases cannot be merged without great effort and so I needed to reboot multiple times. On the other hand Chromebook manufacturers seem to adopt the OS first mentality meaning that the hardware follows.

Can this be confirmed or is it just my intuition?

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Prometheus vs Bosun

In conclusion... while Bosun(B) is still not the ideal monitoring system neither is Prometheus(P).


I am running Bosun in a Docker container hosted on CoreOS. Fleet service/unit files keep it running. However in once case I have experienced at least one severe crash as a result of a disk full condition. That it is implemented as part golang, java and python is an annoyance. The MIT license is about the only good thing.

I am trying to integrate Prometheus into my pipeline but losing steam fast. The Prometheus design seems to desire that you integrate your own cache inside your application and then allow the server to scrape the data, however, if the interval between scrapes is shorter than the longest transient session of your application then you need a gateway. A place to shuttle your data that will be a little more persistent.

(1) storing the data in my application might get me started more quickly
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Entry level cost for CoreOS+Tectonic

CoreOS and Tectonic start their pricing at 10 servers. Managed CoreOS starts at $1000 per month for those first 10 servers and Tectonic is $5000 for the same 10 servers. Annualized that is $85K or at least one employee depending on your market. As a single employee company I'd rather hire the employee. Specially since I only have 3 servers.

The pricing is biased toward the largest servers with the largest capacities; my dual core 32GB i5 IntelNuc can never be mistaken for a 96-CPU dual or quad core DELL

If CoreOS does not figure out a different barrier of entry they are going to follow the Borland path to obscurity.

Weave vs Flannel

While Weave and Flannel have some features in common weave includes DNS for service discovery and a wrapper process for capturing that info. In order to get some parity you'd need to add a DNS service like SkyDNS and then write your own script to weave the two together.
In Weave your fleet file might have some of this:
[Service] . . . ExecStartPre=/opt/bin/weave run --net=host --name bob ncx/bob ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker attach bob
In sky + flannel it might look like:
[Service] . . . ExecStartPre=docker run -d --net=host --name bob ncx/bob ExecStartPre=etcdctl set /skydns/local/ncx/bob '{"host":"`docker inspect --format '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' bob`","port":8080}' ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker attach bob
I'd like it to look like this:
[Service] . . . ExecStartPre=skyrun --net=host --name bob ncx/bob ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker attach bob
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